Attending Colorado Book Festival 3/3 and Reading at BookBar in Denver 3/4

Hoping to connect with Colorado's wonderful writing community at the Colorado Book Festival where the wonderful Tattered Cover will be selling Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir. See you there! 3/3.

Also, reading at BookBar on 3/4 with some incredible local authors. There'll be an open mic so sign up at 5:45 and get some food and settle in for an evening of words. Come!

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Online Writing Course - Writing Landscape: Body and Place

Ariel Gore, author of many books, including the very recent We Were Witches: A Novel is offering a space for me to teach another online class through the Literary Kitchen. 

We are all of us surviving chaotic times—and when are times not chaotic? We have to eat and fight the war against fascism. We have to sleep and sign petitions and march. We have to make some kind of home in particular landscapes within particular bodies. It’s all so precious, extraordinary, and important – these small victories and massive defeats and places we’ve left and places we’re headed whether we’re talking about this apartment or that plot of land or something is happening to our bodies and so we have to move into all kinds of change away from what was once comfortable or at least, less painful. Let’s write this landscape together of water glittering and nuclear suns and fear and grief and beauty in spite of, and because of, everything. Let’s write the war within and without. Let’s see what we can save and especially let’s write to save ourselves.

Register here! Class begins 2/17.

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Various Writing Opportunities: Come Write With Me!

This workshop is at the beach in Washington at the Sou'Wester Lodge. Sunday, January 28th at 10 am. until 4 p.m. for $60. Consider staying the night in one of the unique and wonderful trailers or in a room in the lodge.


This class is a Saturday morning ongoing shindig at PCC in Newberg starting January 20th and goes through March 17th. 10 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. $119.00.

Write a thoughtful memoir that reads like fiction. Focus on craft techniques including that page-turning quality that's as important in literary memoir as it is in mysteries. Bring 10 pages of your work, highlighter and sticky notes. 




 Let's write the river together.

Let's write the river together.

Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir Made the Multnomah County Library's List!

Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir Made the Multnomah Country Library's 2017 List of Best Books! HUGE thanks! Here's the review:

"A beautifully-written memoir that explores some of the deep divides in our nation through the lens of one life, one coming-of-age. Timely, humble, human and lovely." - Haley I. 

Much thanks to Haley I.!


Reviews and Interviews - Updated

With deepest gratitude to everyone who's sent me wonderful messages and said beautiful things after reading the book. Thank you to interviewers and booksellers and everyone who's supported this project and supported me. I'm nothing without you. Love.

Wonderful audio version of a section of the book by Jude Brewer, creator and director of StoryTellers Telling Stories:

Interview with Propeller here:

From a hometown Mancos reader. All love. So grateful for this:

"Jenny Forrester's memoir transported me through time, as she writes about the small Colorado town I grew up in, and will always refer to as "home". Being just a few years behind her in school, it was like living the story alongside her page by page. Ms Forrester is a gifted story teller that kept me wanting more, rendering me incapable of putting it down. I purchased the audible version for myself and the book version for my mother, so excited to have both. I admire and commend this writer for her honesty and openness in sharing the most private moments of her life. What a brave warrior!! Her Mother was my teacher and was protrayed so accurately and eloquently. She was a beautiful and strong woman that touched the lives of her students. Many of us former students, many had moved away from Mancos, grieved her loss as we learned the tragic news."

With thanks to Powell's books for adding the book to the holiday list!

Lit Crawl and Wordstock!




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Love to All These Indie Bookshops!